Alfa Co., Ltd. for trading and investment based in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen  is a part of mother company  Al - ESAYI GROUP of Companies with the main headquarters in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia, ALFA Company used to participate wide range of busines in Yemen through main office and ALFA branches at Aden, Hodeidah, in aditional to customers all around the Republic of Yemen.
Alfa is engaged in electronics, consumer products,communication and office automation products , Computer Hardware products and Software Solutions, Networking Solutions , Pelikan hard copy international , ceramic and tiles industry , real estates , etc. The whole business operations and constructive activities 100% owned by the group. Alfa stands proudly the exclusive sole agent of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. National/ Panasonic /and Technics in Yemen . ALFA is the representative of National Panasonic, Intergraph Computer Systems, Gateway, 3COM, Cisco, Image Space, Canadian Banknote, Canadian Royal Mint, Televes SpA,  in Yemen.